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Motorcycle fairings

Fairing for Motorbike Aprilia RSV MILLE 98-00 - Left Side Part

Product Code: A009005. Motorcycle fairing for Aprilia RSV MILLE 98-00 - Left Side Part
43,26 €
Motorbike fairing material

Product Code: A009005


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Materials used for manufacturing motorcycle fairings:


gfk motorcycle fairingsMotorbike parts are made of top-quality polyester resin which is strengthen by adding fiberglass to improve materials resistance against possible impact and scratches. Standard items are laminated in white gelcoat RAL 9010, white resin, and gripping areas are strengthen by Kevlar fabric.

You can also choose different colour variants (for 20 % extra charge) to save costs of painting whole motorbike body:

  • blue RAL 5005
  • red RAL3003
  • green RAL6018
  • black RAL9005

These color alternatives help you save the costs of painting the bodies.


cfk motorcycle fairingsMotorbike parts made from carbon are manually laminated in a transparent gelcoat with top-quality polyester resin based on isophtalic acid. The gelcoat keeps all parts in a high gloss and its advantage is also that it can be easily polished. Special Kevlar fabrics are added to the frame, engine covers and other caps for higher resistance against wear and tear.

Riders might appreciate 30 to 50 % lower weight comparing to parts made of fiberglass.

20 % discount is provided on parts ordered in white colour gelcoat.


carbon-kevlar motorcycle fairingsMotorbike parts made of K-K material combine advantages of Kevlar fibers and Carbon fabric. Manufacturing method, weight and price are the same as in CFK materials.


Motorcycle fairings